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Energy Industry

Scansolo's history as a trusted subcontractor in the energy industry dates back all the way to the 1950's. This means that the company has extensive experience as a valuable partner in product development cooperation. Cooperation means looking beyond the cheapest option available and finding ways to smarten up the process and components to reduce costs in the long run.

Thinking about what is best for the client has always been in our DNA. All employees are responsible for the products we manufacture and for making sure they are delivered on time.

We are able to react quickly to urgent orders. Thanks to our out-of-production stocks, we might truly save your day. Our pricing is transparent. We will provide you with a pricing breakdown with the materials, work and the margin of a delivery.

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Contact Factory Manager Markku Rinnasto at +358 50 379 7375

Our staff

​Olli Ojanen
​Olli Ojanen Production Manager
Phone +358 50 - 595 7391


​Anette Hakkari
​Anette Hakkari Order handler
Phone +358 50-438 6770


Markku Rinnasto
Markku Rinnasto Managing director
Phone +358 50 - 379 7375


Teija Bergendahl
Teija Bergendahl Chairman of the Board
Phone +358 40 – 587 9690