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Sometimes a subcontractor also needs a subcontractor. The kind of subcontractor that knows precisely what a piece should be like and not just almost. The kind that delivers when agreed upon - not too early and not too late. Because subcontractors know from experience that time and storage space are limited.

A subcontractor wants to do business with a partner whose employees like their job and are proud of what they do.

If you want to partner up with a firm that plays by the same rules as you, give us a call.

Markku Rinnasto +358 50 379 7375

Our staff

​Olli Ojanen
​Olli Ojanen Production Manager
Phone +358 50 - 595 7391


​Anette Hakkari
​Anette Hakkari Order handler
Phone +358 50-438 6770


Markku Rinnasto
Markku Rinnasto Managing director
Phone +358 50 - 379 7375


Teija Bergendahl
Teija Bergendahl Chairman of the Board
Phone +358 40 – 587 9690