3D Printed Parts

3D Printed Parts

Our 3D printing service supports our in-house mechanical design and related fastener and tool manufacturing. Additionally, we print and design various plastic parts for our customers. Carbon fibre reinforcement can be added to parts as needed. 3D printing is suitable for manufacturing individual parts and small batches.

Our prints replace certain types of parts that are typically machined, and the 3D printed parts are often significantly more cost-effective than their machined equivalents. Examples of such parts include measurement jigs, robot grippers, milling jaws, or other production aids. Parts suitable for printing are those not subjected to external forces, stress, or chemicals, or those that do not need to be entirely dimensionally precise. The printed part can also be machined after printing.

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3D prints can be done based on customer drawings, in which case we create the 3D model ourselves based on the drawings. The model is then sent to the customer for approval before printing. If a customer has a broken part, we can create dimensions and a 3D model based on it. The process is the same – the customer approves the 3D model before printing. If the customer already has a finalized 3D model, we print the part directly based on it.

We use Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion 360.

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