Turned Parts

Manufacturer of Turned Series and Individual Parts

We specialize in the production of turned parts both in series and as individual pieces. We manufacture precision rotational components, bearing parts, and various flanges. Our products are utilized in electric motors, industrial gearboxes, and generators. Additionally, we produce parts for various manufacturers of machines and equipment. Our machinery is tailored for the production of flange-type parts. We are capable of manufacturing parts with diameters of up to 900 millimetres and handling weights of up to 500 kg. We always surface-treat our parts according to the requirements of our customers through reliable and skilled partners.

The production of precision parts requires the active and regular updating of machinery and equipment. Our production consists of two different turning departments, light and heavy turning. All lathes are equipped with rotating tools, and some are automated for serial production.

Precision requires expertise. Our factory personnel are both committed and skilled. We ensure the competence of our employees by actively providing training opportunities.

Automated Turning Solutions for Large Series – Designed to Meet Customer Needs

We continuously enhance the automation level of our production. Each year, we undertake at least three different production optimization projects. We are passionate about improving production, and automation is within our expertise. We also invest in customized production cells based on customer needs. We propose new, cost-effective ways to manufacture pars to our customers. Through collaboration, tailored production cells are created for specific parts, enabling more cost-effective production of large series. Cost-effectiveness also translates into price advantages for the customer.

We eagerly welcome new challenges.

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