Sustainable operation entails tangible actions at every level of a company's operations

We work closely with companies that require responsible practices regarding environmental impact, climate action, employee welfare, human rights, and sustainable procurement. The company has been granted the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, as well as the EcoVadis certification, for its sustainable operations.

In practice, these aspects are evident in our daily work as follows:

Corporate Social Responsibility

At the core of our operations are skilled and proud employees. Personal development not only makes work meaningful but is also the cornerstone of job satisfaction and fosters a positive work environment. Therefore, in our production, each employee is responsible for the operation and condition of their own work cell, as well as programming. This principle fosters responsibility and healthy professional pride. We actively train our employees, and we also recruit enthusiastic career changers.

Responsible operation also entails honesty and keeping promises. We prioritize honesty and reliability in all interactions with customers, partners, and employees.

Other principles of our social responsibility include:

  • Adherence to collective agreements and labor laws
  • Supervision and compliance with occupational safety guidelines
  • Employee orientation and continuous training
  • Fair and equal treatment of all members of our workforce
  • Honest and respectful interaction with all parties

Environment and Climate

We continually make improvements to reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our daily environmental actions include:

  • Sorting and recycling all metal waste
  • Recycling cutting fluids and chemicals
  • Utilizing energy-efficient heating and cooling pumps
  • Recovering and reusing waste heat
  • Using energy-efficient LED lights for in the factory
  • Upgrading to new and energy-efficient machinery